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How to make X listen on port 6000

How to make X listen on port 6000






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May, 25th 2007:
April, 26th 2007:
Apr, 10th. 2007:
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Details of app-misc/bb:

Description: Lightweight ASCII art demo using media-libs/aalib

available versions:

releasesalphaamd64armhppaia64mipsppcppc64ppc macoss390shsparcx86USE-Flagsdependenciesebuild warnings
bb-1.3.0_rc1-r5 -~~---------~mikmod
+ stable
~ testing
- not available
some ebuild warning depend on specific use-flags or architectures, all ebuild-warnings are shown.

Known bugs:
bug IDcomponentassigned tostatusdescriptionlast change
441718GNOMEgnomeUNCONFIRMEDgnome-base/libbonoboui-2.24.5: QA Notice: This package installs one or more .desktop files that do n2012-11-21 18:48:50
424583ApplicationsxmwUNCONFIRMED>=dev-vcs/rabbitvcs- does not show icons in 2012-07-03 17:44:30
430812Toolstools-portageUNCONFIRMEDapp-portage/gentoolkit - after recent binutils upgrade, revdep-rebuild did not catch libbfd-2.21.1.s2012-08-22 19:36:59
427208EbuildstexUNCONFIRMEDdev-tex/rubber-20100306 version bump request and HOMEPAGE update2012-12-22 18:27:45
446940ApplicationssoundUNCONFIRMEDmedia-sound/shell-fm-0.8-r1 - Invalid HTTP: HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden from: http://ws.audioscrobbler.2012-12-12 03:37:12
407627Applicationsrobbat2UNCONFIRMEDsys-power/pmtools-20110323 turbostat.c:857:2: error: PIC register clobbered by ebx in asm2012-10-07 09:44:42
403325Prefix SupportprefixUNCONFIRMEDbootstrap: bzip2 links against non-existent $EPREFIX/usr/lib/libbz2.1.dylib2012-08-10 09:44:45
458508EbuildspachoUNCONFIRMEDsys-power/bbswitch kernel 3.8 compatibility hack2013-02-20 22:50:36
447034Applicationsnet-imUNCONFIRMEDnet-im/mcabber-0.10.2 - Doesn't build without USE+="crypt otr" - error: possibly undef2013-02-02 00:21:02
443890Applicationsnet-imUNCONFIRMEDnet-im/ejabberd - typo in /etc/init.d/ejabberd : EJABBERDCTL_OPT instead of EJABBERDCTL_OPTS2012-11-20 19:41:35
381279Servernet-imUNCONFIRMEDnet-im/jabberd2-2.2.4: error: XML parse error (not well-formed (invalid token)) in c2s log for some 2012-10-20 06:45:03
409425Applicationsnet-imUNCONFIRMED>=net-im/ejabberd-2.1.0: add USE=mod_admin_extra2012-03-23 15:19:46
410017Ebuildsnet-imUNCONFIRMEDnet-im/ejabberd - add patch for remote roster2013-01-24 10:41:29
433708ApplicationsmattmUNCONFIRMEDnet-analyzer/zabbix-2.0.2-r1: Makefiles are erroneously installed in /usr/share/zabbix2012-09-03 17:12:18
458282Servermarko.durkovicUNCONFIRMEDnet-im/jabberd2-2.2.14 - dodoc: tools/ does not exist2013-02-20 16:17:20
439462Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDnet-nntp/spotweb - a webbased usenet binary resource indexer based on the protocol and development d2013-01-23 03:27:27
434592Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDnet-misc/bubbleupnpserver - extends your existing UPnP AV Media Servers and Media Renderers on your 2012-09-11 14:16:40
424818Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDnet-nntp/moviegrabber - a fully automated way of downloading movies from usenet2012-11-29 03:18:46
394093Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDbamf (libbamf) ebuild2012-05-29 11:15:20
415153ApplicationslackUNCONFIRMEDx11-wm/fluxbox-1.3.2 tabbing windows breaks drag & drop2013-01-08 21:34:01
439796EbuildshwoarangUNCONFIRMEDnet-misc/dibbler - /etc/init.d/dibbler-client stop doesn't stop client gracefully2012-11-04 10:57:39
419335UnspecifiedfontsUNCONFIRMEDmedia-libs/fontconfig-? - fc-cat charmap field shows gibberish2012-09-14 22:56:18
458404LibrarycppUNCONFIRMEDdev-libs/boost-1.52.0-r5 - error: Duplicate name of actual target: 02:56:16
432462ApplicationschainsawUNCONFIRMEDnet-im/jabber-base should not provide /var/run/jabber directory2012-08-24 13:26:45
312161GNOMEgnomeUNCONFIRMEDgnome-base/libbonobo-2.24.2 fails to build on hardened with2013-02-19 13:28:21


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