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How to make X listen on port 6000

How to make X listen on port 6000






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May, 25th 2007:
April, 26th 2007:
Apr, 10th. 2007:
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Details of games-arcade/abe:

Description: A scrolling, platform-jumping, key-collecting, ancient pyramid exploring game

available versions:

releasesalphaamd64armhppaia64mipsppcppc64ppc macoss390shsparcx86USE-Flagsdependenciesebuild warnings
abe-1.1-r1 -~----------~
+ stable
~ testing
- not available
some ebuild warning depend on specific use-flags or architectures, all ebuild-warnings are shown.

Known bugs:
bug IDcomponentassigned tostatusdescriptionlast change
456404Applicationssci-geosciencesUNCONFIRMEDsci-geosciences/gpsbabel-1.4.4 - shape.c:23:29: fatal error: libshp/shapefil.h: No such file or dire2013-02-12 14:56:18
447532Applicationssci-chemistryUNCONFIRMEDsci-chemistry/avogadro segmentation fault with icc-built openbabel2012-12-18 16:45:45
414911Applicationsmedia-videoUNCONFIRMEDErrors while reading video-dvd with label contains special characters2012-05-20 15:31:07
431362Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDdev-util/babeltrace - trace analyze utils2012-08-14 12:56:19
382627Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDNew ebuild: dev-perl/Crypt-CipherSaber2011-09-13 20:37:05
448874Applicationsgnome-officeUNCONFIRMEDapp-office/glabels-3.0.1: /usr/include/evolution-data-server-3.6/libebook/e-contact.h:10:2: error: #2013-02-16 20:05:55
455266genkernelgenkernelUNCONFIRMED=sys-kernel/genkernel-3.4.45 inoperable --disklabel option2013-02-05 11:27:40
411643ApplicationsfontsUNCONFIRMEDapp-arch/cabextract - consistent USE flag naming? - rename USE2012-04-12 01:14:50
417943Core systembase-systemUNCONFIRMEDsys-apps/util-linux-2.19.1-r1: blkid doesn't escape / in ID_FS_LABEL2012-05-28 12:05:23
402245Core systembase-systemUNCONFIRMEDsys-fs/dosfstools-3.0.12 dosfslabel does not work if long file names are used in partition2013-01-23 19:12:35


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