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How to make X listen on port 6000

How to make X listen on port 6000






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May, 25th 2007:
April, 26th 2007:
Apr, 10th. 2007:
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Details of app-crypt/stan:

Description: Stan analyzes binary streams and calculates statistical information

available versions:

releasesalphaamd64armhppaia64mipsppcppc64ppc macoss390shsparcx86USE-Flagsdependenciesebuild warnings
stan-0.4.1-r1 -+----------+
+ stable
~ testing
- not available
some ebuild warning depend on specific use-flags or architectures, all ebuild-warnings are shown.

Known bugs:
bug IDcomponentassigned tostatusdescriptionlast change
456048ServerultrabugUNCONFIRMEDwww-servers/uwsgi-1.4.5 init script race condition if starting multiple uwsgi instances with differe2013-02-07 16:47:54
389647Applicationstools-portageUNCONFIRMEDapp-portage/gentoolkit: revdep-rebuild does not understand symlinks2011-12-20 14:54:27
434180Core systemtoolchainUNCONFIRMEDsys-devel/gcc sandbox violation in /usr/include/DONE (dev-db/oracle-instantclient-basic creates a li2012-12-25 08:33:27
381451ApplicationsswegenerUNCONFIRMEDAdd an init script to run multiple instances of app-misc/screen as a system service2011-09-08 12:17:13
444402Serverrobbat2UNCONFIRMEDnet-misc/memcached - Malformed pid filename when running multiple instances2012-11-23 09:40:18
420473ApplicationsnetmonUNCONFIRMEDnet-analyzer/fail2ban-0.8.6 violates Date-Mailheader standards when using sendmail*-actions and havi2012-12-17 11:17:57
388647Eclasses and ProfilesmozillaUNCONFIRMEDmozextension.eclass: Add new function for installing extensions in new standard install location2012-05-23 18:22:51
447222Applicationsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDAdd standalone xulrunner for MonoDevelop.2013-01-15 08:03:00
442222Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDdev-libs/thrust - a parallel algorithms library which resembles the C++ Standard Template Library2012-11-07 17:53:54
433786Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDmedia-fonts/opengostfont-0.3 - Open-source version of the fonts by Russian standard GOST 2.304-812012-09-04 09:14:50
425202Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDx11-plugins/torchat - Pidgin plugin for p2p instant messaging through Tor hidden service tunnels2012-07-08 14:10:34
399009Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDnet-im/myagent-im - Instant messenger that implements protocol2012-01-17 03:58:52
389029Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDsys-libs/libuser - implements a standardized interface for manipulating and administering user and g2011-11-01 15:42:13
371707Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDdev-libs/librets - a Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) client library2013-01-15 00:37:53
365933Ebuildsmaintainer-wantedUNCONFIRMEDNew Ebuild, plug-0.7: Linux software for Fender Mustang amplifiers2011-05-07 04:30:11
449630KDEkdeUNCONFIRMEDkde-base/kdelibs-4.9.4-r1: several *.desktop files are not compliant with XDG standard (missing trai2013-01-01 13:31:13
456694LibraryhaubiUNCONFIRMEDdev-db/oracle-instantclient-sqlplus- sqlpus binary needs paxctl -c on hardened ~amd642013-02-19 20:33:27
431368ApplicationshaskellUNCONFIRMEDx11-misc/xmobar-0.14 - src/Plugins/Monitors/CoreCommon.hs:139:30: No instance for (Applicative (Cont2012-08-14 13:16:12
435656EbuildshannoUNCONFIRMEDnet-analyzer/greenbone-security-assistant-2.0.1 - ld: CMakeFiles/gsad.dir/gsad.c.o: undefined refere2012-09-24 10:44:47
414697EbuildshannoUNCONFIRMEDnet-analyzer/greenbone-security-assistant-3.0.3 version bump2012-10-10 19:39:05
450262LibrarygnustepUNCONFIRMEDgnustep-base-1.24.0-r1 - Assembler messages: {standard input}:1430: Error: symbol `_OBJC_CLASS_GCObj2013-01-05 17:44:50
458068GNOMEgnomeUNCONFIRMEDx11-themes/gnome-themes-standard: narrow scrollbars might violate accessibility regulation2013-02-19 06:38:31
378067ApplicationsforensicsUNCONFIRMEDapp-forensics/aide-0.14.2 - aide fails if non-standard paths are used2013-02-03 13:02:31

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